Guest Speakers

Back to Work…

Welcome back to school.

We hope your holiday season was filled with more joy than snow, unlike some places on the East Coast. The semester is in full effect this week. Time to work a new beat, find some new sources or reconnect with the old ones. Spring will be here before we know it (hopefully).

Belated Happy Birthday! to Dr. King. He would’ve been 82 years old this month.

Here’s a look at some of the things CU-ABJ is working to make possible in the coming weeks:

— A visit from David Wilson of The Grio, NBC’s African-American focused news and opinion site.

— A CU-ABJ chat with actress, author Denise Nicholas. The TV star is set to discuss her acclaimed book, “Freshwater Road,” in Sam Freedman’s book seminar this year.

Check back with us for more updates. Until then, have a great semester from all of us at the Columbia University Association of Black Journalists.


Photo by Rob Boudon


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