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CUABJ wants you to celebrate black history

Happy Black History Month!

We hope you’ve taken notice of something special lately in the J-School lobbies:

There are daily “It happened today in black history” facts on all the TV Screens to celebrate black history month! We encourage you to take a look at them and learn something new.

We have a very exciting line up of events for all of our members and people in the community that may want to come by, starting with a Feb. 7 visit from Denise Nicholas. The event will take place in the Stabile Student Center at 1 p.m.

Denise is an American actress and social activist who was involved in the American Civil Rights Movement. She is known primarily for her role as high school guidance counselor Liz McIntyre on the ABC Comedy-Drama seriesRoom 222, and for her role as Councilwoman Harriet DeLong on the NBC/CBS drama series In the Heat of the Night.

She’ll be discussing her book Freshwater Road with Professor Sam Freedman’s bookwriting class, and she’ll also talk black history and civil rights with CUABJ over a short lunch session.There will be some light refreshments and lots of stimulating conversation so we encourage you to come early!

We’re also going to have a visit from David Wilson at NBC’s on Feb. 16. This event will also take place in the Stabile Student Center at 1 p.m. is a video-centric based African American site that tells the stories of our people that aren’t being told. Be sure to check out their “theGrio’s 100” a list of African American history makers in themaking.

You can also check in to black history locations and earn the Black History Badge. If you would like more information about theGrio, ask CUABJ President Dexter Mullins, he’s interning there this semester and would love to share some of his experience with you. If you would like to see a sample of his work over the last month, look here.

There may be a tour of MSNBC with Chris Nelson, who will also share what it’s like to be a minority at a major news network (keep your fingers crossed!).




These are just a few of the numerous events we have planned for Black History Month.


We also are working to organize a Skype session withColumbia Journalism School alum and Emmy award-winning journalist Sia Nyorkor, who’s documentary master’s project “125 Franco’s boulevard” will be airing  nationally on PBSAPT. Nyorkor was also a past CUABJ member/officer and is currently working for Gainsville TV News network in Gainsville, Fla. She’ll be showing select scenes from the documentary and talk about her challenges as a woman, and as an African American in the business.

But for now, we have a short PSA we’d like everyone to spread:

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