About Us

This is the official website of the Columbia University National Association of Black Journalists website.

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is an organization of journalists, students and media-related professionals that provides quality programs and services to and advocates on behalf of black journalists worldwide.

Founded by 44 men and women on December 12, 1975, in Washington, D.C., NABJ is the largest organization of journalists of color in the nation.

Many of NABJ’s 3,300 members also belong to one of the dozens of professional and student chapters that serve black journalists nationwide.

NABJ is committed to the following:

  • Strengthening ties among black journalists;
  • Sensitizing all media to the importance of fairness in the workplace for black journalists;
  • Expanding job opportunities and recruiting activities for veteran, young and aspiring black journalists, while providing continued professional development and training;
  • Increasing the number of black journalists in management positions and encouraging black journalists to become entrepreneurs;
  • Fostering an exemplary group of professionals that honors excellence and outstanding achievements by black journalists, and outstanding achievement in the media industry as a whole, particularly when it comes to providing balanced coverage of the black community and society at large;
  • Working with high schools and colleges to identify and encourage black students to become journalists, and to diversify faculties and related curriculum; and
  • Providing informational and training services to the general public.

To learn more, visit the NABJ website.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wish to connect with CU Association of Black Journalists for a Teach-In in the planning stages on the profession and service to the Black community here – and across the diaspora. Looking at the Eskinder Nega case. Believe that the attention we give this Brother’s case (he just got 18 years) and work applied towards his (and Ethiopian journalists’) freedom could uplift Blacks in the profession and resusitate a dying Black owned media.The Ethiopian government by the way is favored by the current US administration. Hoping that someone might respond – Samuel White, Jr.

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