Meeting Update – 11/09/12

CUABJ Minutes – General Meeting

Members Present: Brittany Brown, Michael Orr, Kristen Reed, Amber Binion, Michaelle Bond, Nia Phillips, Salima Koroma, Lance Dixon, Ntshepeng Motema, Ngozi Onuoha, Kaitlyn Wells, Liam La Guerre, Matthew Vann and Rachael Johnson
Advisors/Liaisons Present: Evelyn Corchado

Meeting begins at 4:07

Sylvia Obell explained that this meeting would be a discussion of ideas that the e-board had brought to the table and a chance to hear ideas from the general membership.

Obell announced that the audit was turned in and went through. She listed the following ideas from the e-board:

  • monthly meetings
  • hosting speakers
  • mixers
  • Thanksgiving potluck
  • event with the Black Alumni Association in April
  • panel for the entire J-School on underreported issues in the black community during Black History Month
  • brunch for black female students and alumni
  • Black Graduation for the J-School

Evelyn Corchado suggested that a luncheon or a dinner be set for Alumni Weekend, and that the group contacts Wayne Dawkins, head of the alumni association. She also explained that the University locks down all public space during Commencement (regarding black graduation.) The group would have to petition for use.

Obell asked for ideas from the members

Nia Phillips suggested meeting with other J-School NABJ chapters; Obell stated that these schools did not have them, and suggested meeting with NYABJ

Nia Phillips suggested an event to meet the black faculty. Corchado recommended approaching Laura Muha for a list of black adjuncts. Corchado suggested a roundtable discussion on navigating the J-School (based on what has been done in the past.)

Ngozi Onuoha suggested community service, perhaps at Harlem Day and/or working with public school students. Obell mentioned that NYABJ has a Saturday academy.

The discussion turned to the Media Management Committee. Kaitlyn Wells reported that the committee has met virtually, have the Facebook, still need twitter and the Google calendar.

Stephon Dingle explained his idea of turning the CUABJ website into a space to publish work. The site would function like a class website, but be “a cool site to come to, like the Grio.” Dingle also suggested partnering with an undergrad NABJ chapter as a way to give back.  Corchado recommended reaching out to professors at CUNY, and the programs Double Discovery and Community Impact.

Onuoha and Owens agreed to partner up on a community outreach workshop for high school and college students interested in journalism. CUABJ members would meet with students about applications.

meeting ends 4:47

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