Meeting Updates 2011

CUABJ Speaker Series:  Professors Howard French and June Cross

Septemeber 29th, 2011

To view notes from the the talk, click here.


Meeting (10/23/11)

The Columbia University Association of Black Journalists
General Body Meeting — Friday, Oct. 23

I. Dues
A. Local dues, $5, are due to Treasurer Semhar W.
B. National dues, $40 for students, are also due. Please visit the NABJ Web site to submit them.

II. Upcoming Event: Covering Africa, The Congo, and Diaspora on Thursday, Oct. 28 at 6:30 p.m.

III. Elections
A. Semhar W. was elected Treasurer
B. Joi-Marie McKenzie was elected Secretary
C. Leah-Faye Cooper was elected Social Events Coordinator
D. Camilo Smith was elected Webmaster

IV. Discussion of a new Web site
A. Webmaster Camilo Smith will create a new Web site for the organization
B. Members are encouraged to post items pertaining to the group and to journalists of color at large

V. Social Programming
A. If you have suggestions for social events for the chapter, please email them to President Dexter Mullins.

VI. Email Address on CUABJ Listserv
A. Please make sure your email address is correct on the listserv when you’re at Thursday’s event.

VII. Graduate Schools Mixer
A. Our next all graduate school mixer with the other professional organizations is scheduled around the Holidays.

VIII. Upcoming event with Michael Feeny
A. This event is tentatively scheduled for mid-November


Meeting #2 (9/23/11)


  • General introductions took place
  • Evelyn spoke about the election process and clarified any remaining confusion
  • Election ideas
  • Discussed the Bylaws subcommittee
  • NABJ
  • Work on an unofficial CUABJ Facebook group
  • Use Google Groups to keep in touch and/or check-in
To view the full meeting minutes, click here

Meeting #1 (9/21/11)


  • Settled issues regarding the board selection process
  • Discussed CUABJ bylaws and introduced the idea of a bylaw subcommittee
  • Learned more about CUABJ’s current board

To download the minutes in full, click here.

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